Group User Protocols

OBCC Protocols for User Groups  

  • Players are encouraged to use the Player Entrance on East side of Arena (using the front entrance can cause hazardous congestion for seniors, people with walkers, wheelchairs, and young children)
  • All Users are to act in a respectful way to other Users and Rink Attendants. Zero tolerance for Abuse – Verbal and/or Physical
  • Coach/Manager must be the last one to leave the dressing room to make sure showers/taps are turned off, excess garbage is picked up as well as take any player items left behind.
  • Children/siblings must be monitored. Children should not be running up and down the hallway or in the Arena unattended
  • Equipment Bags are not to be left in Dressing Rooms, Hallways or Lobby beyond a reasonable amount of time prior to or after an ice slot. Equipment bags can not be left in the Meeting Room or other areas without permission.
  • Please report any issues to the Rink Attendant (plugged toilet, full garbage can, cleanliness etc). If issue is not resolved with Rink Attendant, please contact Mike Erickson at [email protected]
  • Music in dressing rooms should be at a respectable level, considering other groups as well as meetings in the Conference room. Music volume in the rink for games should also be at a reasonable level.
  • Teams are responsible for placing bumper pads/mini nets that are required for your ice slot. They are to be placed back in the storage area neatly.
  • It is greatly appreciated if Teams can help move nets as needed so flooding can happen without the machine being idle causing damage to the ice.
  • Groups that license an event will be charged an additional fee to cover extra staffing and cleaning costs as required.
  • When Co-ed teams have a practice, all attempts will be made to give each gender a dressing room. When there are time/availability constraints one group may need to use the Ref room.
  • Each team gets 1 dressing room per practice/game unless prior arrangements have been made due to size of the team.
  • Changes made to user groups’ schedules sometimes occur last minute and if the rink isn’t notified, the dressing room assignments may be incorrect. Coaches can respectfully make the rink attendant aware, and the schedule will be updated as required.
  • Teams can enter dressing rms 45 min prior to practices, 1 hr for games. Teams must vacate room 30 mins after ice slot *Damages will be billed to user group
  • Helmets are mandatory for everyone when sticks/pucks/rings/balls are involved. Helmets are strongly recommended for everyone (especially youth) for all other types of ice rentals (like Public Skating etc)  

Thank you for renting and respecting our facility!