Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to be a part of the team here at OBCC!  Being a non-profit organization, we could not operate at such a level without the generous support of our volunteers. As everyone has a busy life, you can decide your time commitment level, as even a couple of hours here and there is a huge benefit. Here are some options:

1. Our canteen runs on volunteers and the proceeds help to give the club a new paint job each year, pay for satellite TV, maintain the outdoor rink, fix nets, etc.  A lot of little things that help increase everyone’s experience at OBCC.

2. Or be a part of a team that plans our community and fundraising events. We always have a blast and new ideas and resources are most welcome.

3. There is opportunity to sit on our Executive as well and help manage the business affairs of the club.

Contact our club coordinator today for more information and get plugged in!

[email protected]   (Neoma)